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Selecting the Right Tree At Winding Creek Nursery

Let us give you a tour of the farm and help you to select the trees that fit your needs. We have over 30 different varieties of trees available. We sell our trees by the caliper of the trunk, which is the diameter of the trunk when measured 6 inches off the ground. Our trees range in size from 1.5-3.5 inch caliper. We prune our trees for optimal structure and shape.

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    Tree Watering SystemS

  • Treegator® is a slow release watering system for new trees. A Treegator® Original delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree with no run-off or evaporation. Treegator® Bags save you time, money and effort, while properly and efficiently watering your new trees. Available in two sizes. Please ask our experts what size best fits your needs for your new tree.

  • Newly planted / transplanted trees, with their greatly reduced root systems and the shock from being removed, are in great need of frequently applied deep irrigation. Deep watering keeps moisture concentrations far below the surface, reducing transplant shock, and attracting roots downward deep into the soil.
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